Hello, thanks so much for stopping by.

Here’s a little insight about me……

I’ve always been ‘the artistic one’, you know that girl in the family and friends circle who lives, breathes and eats quite often art – and at times even resembles a painting when I wear every colour in my closet for good measure.

I can draw, but I am rubbish at painting, I mean rubbish! Unless I use paint sticks oddly – but I guess that is because they resemble a pencil more than a paintbrush. However despite this glaringly obvious fact – I continue to attempt at least one painting a year. It is usually so ridiculously oversized and arduous that it takes me all year to complete – and then I toss it because it is rubbish!

I love visiting all kinds of galleries and make it my mission whenever I travel to seek out and find the gallery in the town. I am also a very tardy person by nature and so I am usually too late to go inside, so I am often found with my face planted to the glass windows admiring all the wondrous delights inside. Oh the excitement the day I go again and it is open!

I am a gypsy at heart (explains the tardiness really) and am seriously afflicted by two curses “The Dorothy Complex” and “The Alice Affliction”. It’s not so much I am seeking something – more so I am awaiting my heart to find a home. And so I will continue to chase rabbits down dark holes and be enamoured with the feeling of the wind flipping my skirt until that day comes.

So who then are Cilla & Mint? They are the two sides of my personality (and they are also the two feline crusaders constantly at my side!) They both came to me by chance and perfectively reflect my flotsam & jetsam way of seeing the world. Cilla is dark, moody, shy and conservative – she is not too fond of large gatherings, likes to keep to the corners of the room, loves massages and fine food and will sit and people watch from high places for hours on end. Minty, well she is just loopy! Minty wants to be in your face and your space, she has a fascination for hair braids and buns, likes the kooky things and hide holes, will find the most obscure but highly visible place to sleep, loves to talk and is well some might say just a little bit outrageous! I write from either perspective depending on how the art makes me feel.

I’ve heard too many times than I care to tally “you’re wasted in this career”.  I tend to agree these days and am determined to hang up my not so mild mannered public servant cape one day soon. So I’ve decided to remedy the concern of wastefulness and write about what I love, art and all things art! One day I will be standing in my own gallery letting in that girl with her face pressed against the glass for one quick look!

Thanks for coming along on this little trip of mine. It is my wish and hope that you will love reading about art in life and enjoy the retrospective I am creating.

Danielle xx




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