Curating dreams

Last post I wrote about how I caught the collecting bug. This post I want to tell you about what started my dreaming about curating art. First a little under the table whisper about an addiction I have……. I absolutely love watching teen dramas. Ok back from under the table – never speak again about this little tidbit. It was in truth a teen drama that reignited my artistic dreaming.  I came late to the party, having scoffed at those girls with obsession of a group of upper east side glamours and their ridiculous lifestyle. Yep I’m talking about Gossip Girl (*insert head bowing and shaking in disbelief I am sharing this*).


You see, for me it wasn’t so much about the people and carry on, ok a little bit of it was. For me it was the first time I had really noticed a television program showcasing art in life in the most spectacular and awe-inspiring manner. I started to watch the episodes in freeze-frame and Google madly with sentences such as “art of multi-coloured female head on gossip girl lily vanderwoodsen apartment” to which yielded the answer “Richard Phillips SPECTRUM”.

Photos credited to Art Production Fund and Christina Tonkins Interiors

The more I watched the more I was enamoured by the way that the art was curated and showcased. The apartments of the characters in Gossip Girl are each adorned with specifically curated (albeit replica) pieces of well-known and coveted artists. I nearly fell of my chair when an entire episode was dedicated to the actual curation of an apartment. I madly scribbled the names of the artist and painting on the back of a magazine – and then set about on Google to find them in real life. This was when the brilliance of Marilyn Minter and Richard Phillips entered my world. I couldn’t get enough of their work, I still can’t. Both Richard Phillips and Marilyn Minter officially joined “The Covet List” with Abbey McCulloch.

Photo credit to Accessible Art

That is until I found the websites for Art Production FundAccessible Art and Christina Tonkins Interiors.  These sites have dedicated pages for all things art on film. Here I found that I could actually buy some of the replica pieces I was seeing on my screen. WOW! I had to throw my purse out the window and contain my dizziness – I was after all only interested in real art right?  Then I got to thinking….what is real art anyway. No, I am not going to delve into the existential crisis that maims the tortured artist and art critic. I simply thought about what is was for me that constituted art. It is words, it’s the way I choose to layer colour and clothes on my person, in my home, its manga, it’s noir film, illustration, impressionism, print media, watercolour – its beautiful things, its objects that allow me to dream while awake. It was then I remembered the print I have of Abbey McCulloch’s pink girl – and that is the day I framed that beauty and set her on my sideboard for all to admire. I still covet the real work, but whose to say this is not just as beautiful in my space? No-one. Because it is mine.

The Art Production Fund website has a blurb that definitively expresses what was happening for me – GOSSIP GIRL Executive Producer Stephanie Savage and Art Production Fund Co-Founders Doreen Remen and Yvonne Force find that it is an ideal partnership. Says Remen, “Exhibiting artworks in this context is a way to engage people in their daily lives; a chance to generate a spark of interest that may grow into something thought provoking and mind opening.”  It certainly did generate a spark of interest and my mind certainly was exploding wide open!

So thank you Gossip Girl, for without you I would never have come across Marilyn Minter and Richard Phillips, and I may not have wondered what it would be like to curate for people other than me. There are so many artists that Gossip Girl producers have showcased and for all you film art dreamers, I will talk about each one later on down the track – as well as other shows that have an artist or two in their covet list.

C & M xx

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