How it all began…….

My love affair with art began at a very young age thanks to my Mama who had me make each individual party invitation with drawings of what I thought the party would be like as the artwork. In true gypsy form I dabbled here and there and found other fancies to follow. That is until the day I bought the first issue of a new Australian shelter magazine, Frankie. On the cover was the tag line “Bright Young Things” but it was what I found on the inside that truly rocked my universe.

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A large size poster of the most beautiful girl I had ever layer eyes on.Β This is how I was introduced to who is now my favourite artist and one whose work I will covet to my dying day. The article represented Abbey McCulloch as a humble artist who was not in search of glory or adoration – but with paintings like hers it was always inevitable. What I really appreciated was she was humble enough to allow an unknown unpublished magazine to make one of her large-scale paintings in to a poster for everyone from college students to frugal young adults to pin on their wall.

Here’s what I did with mine.

Abbey McCulloch

It got me thinking about how I could start an art collection (with the sole aim of one day owning an Abbey McCulloch piece). I was not wealthy, not from a wealthy family and unlikely to become wealthy – it just doesn’t suit my gypsy nature. So I set aboutΒ collecting small works here and there, made a mission whilst travelling anywhere to find a small work to add to my collection. I must say after 10 years I have curated a rather nice collection of large and small pieces – all of which have stories to tell of how they came to me. I still do not own my coveted piece – but there is plenty of time to pursue that dream.

Now that I am living surrounded by art, I have become hyper aware of the lack of art in people’s homes. Whilst some may find my lack of personal photos around the place a spartan approach to connectivity, I find the lack of art in a home to be an equally spartan approach. It doesn’t matter if the art is from your own hands, your child’s imagination, a favourite photograph from a magazine framed and hung or a well-known artist you adore. Art opens up a world of beauty and intrigue – simply because there is no language attached, your questions remain unanswered and so you are left with your own thoughts and feelings for reflection. Now you are really connecting – with you.

No two people will relate to a piece of art in the exact same way. People that see my home collection have varied responses to each piece, some love one, some really dislike another, some just can’t decide what the piece is about and have so many unanswered questions. I get to watch people ponder – and for a gypsy girl, that is truly mesmerising.

So I thank you Frankie and Abbey McCulloch. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am sure I am not the only person who felt the same spark the day you both hit the stands.

C&M xx


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